Cat Litter Subscription: End Your Frequent Visits To A Supermarket

Getting things delivered to our doorsteps is such a delight, especially when you are busy. Nowadays, you can buy clothes, electronics, groceries, and more online. Some items will be delivered to your doorstep within a few hours, and some after a day or two. But you often visit supermarkets for supplies that you need immediately. 

This situation often occurs when you are a cat parent. You might forget to restock cat food or litter because of a hectic work week. It becomes inconvenient in case you just have to go out for cat litter. You might think about what could be the right solution for this scenario. The answer to this situation is a monthly cat litter box subscription. One pack of fresh cat litter that will last for an entire month. Sounds like a dream, but it is a reality nowadays. 

How To Choose the Right Cat Litter & Subscription?

There is a wide variety of cat litter, but choosing one that your cat likes is tricky. Cats are really picky when it comes to litter. If they don’t like the texture and smell of the litter, they won’t use it. And you will be left with a month of litter supply. Let’s understand how you can choose the right cat litter and subscription. 

Quality Of Litter

This is the most important factor when choosing cat litter. To ensure the high quality of litter, choose science-based products. Most cats like litter made with proper scientific research. It has the right texture and smells that your cat will like. Also, this type of cat litter helps you take better care of your pet. 

A science-based litter can help you observe your cat’s gut health. The litter will change color if your cat has acidity, alkalinity, or blood in the poop. This way, you will identify early signs of illness and seek veterinarian advice. 

Also, this science-based cat litter is non-toxic for the environment and your cat. So to ensure the quality of cat litter, choose science-based products. 

  • Science-based cat litter is non-clumping, and it will absorb urine. So you don’t have to scoop out litter every time your cat urinates. Mix or add more litter into the box, and the moisture will evaporate. This is really convenient if your cat pees a lot. 
  • Feces and urine odor are really unpleasant. Of course, you love your cat, but that smell bothers everyone. When you choose science-based litter, it will have better control over urine and feces odor. This way, you will keep your home smelling fresh all the time. 
  • Litter dust ruins your indoor air quality and causes respiratory issues over time. This won’t be the case with science-based cat litter. 
  • Litter tracking is a major issue with most cat litters. But science-based cat litter doesn’t stick to cats' paws. It also prevents cats from eating litter as they love to lick their paws.

Choosing A Hassle Free Litter Subscription

Ensure you choose a litter provider that delivers the product on time. To ensure this, you can read the review on the provider's website. This way, you will know what people are saying about their products and services. 

Indeed you have to pay in advance for the subscription. What if you like to cancel your subscription? Will you get your money back? This is the reason we often avoid buying subscriptions. But a reliable provider will ensure a money-back guarantee at no risk. Do read the terms and conditions of the subscription and cancellation process. 

Shipping charges can make a difference in the overall cost of a monthly cat litter box subscription. Ensure you choose a provider that will provide free shipping and returns.


Getting a cat litter subscription makes you a more responsible cat parent. Also, it is a great convenience for you too. You don’t have to brood about running out of cat litter anytime. One pack will last for a month, and you can buy as many as you want. A good litter provider will let you cancel your subscription anytime and provide free delivery. If you are looking for disposable litter box subscriptions, then get in touch with EZlitter. And get hassle-free cat litter delivery every month at your doorstep.
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